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b-guided> /ˈbiː ɡʌɪdɪd/]

Our mission is to inspire social participation through our niche platform focusing on the best selection of what inspires us, for local “enthusiasts” - urban travellers looking for a comprehensive guide to b-informed, b-selective and b-inspired through our curated content. B-guided Cape Town has its roots in Barcelona, where B-guided City Guide was founded, and launched in Cape Town in 2010.

enthusiast> /ɪnˈθjuːzɪast, ɛn-/

Aficionado, believer, devotee, participant who is likely to b-first to try most things, is curious and cosmopolitan and realises that exploring and experiencing their own city is as exciting as anywhere else in the world.

edits> /ˈɛdɪts/

An innovative magazine offering a distinctive mix of “edits” - bite-sized, curated content inspiring social enthusiasts.

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