b-served> Saucisse Deli

We’ve always loved Saucisse Deli. Where else do you get to create your own meal without actually having to make it, enjoy a leisurely lunch then take home delicious deli products guaranteed to inspire your own culinary creativity? Now, we have reason to love Saucisse even more. More>

b-selective> Natural, raw honey

When we wrote about the small batch, 100% natural, raw and unfiltered fynbos honey by Mountain Falls in August, it was snatched up in no time at all. This honey is not always available, but they’ve just received a new supply. We recommend you get your orders in now. More>

b-selective> Cupcake Richard

The days when baked goods that excluded the baker’s trifecta - butter, eggs, flour - tasted like cardboard, only drier and denser, are over. Cupcake Richard’s range of allergen-free and vegan cupcakes and cakes make it easy to indulge in a baked treat that is guaranteed delicious. More>